our values

Providing you with the best solutions

“Our philosophy is to maintain our customers’ satisfaction through every step of our activities, with the guarantee of the quality of our products, services, and communication” Extract Management commitment Nov. 2015


As part of our commitment to quality “Made in France” we undertake 70% of our purchasing in France through well-known and trusted partners.

Working in close proximity with our suppliers enables the company to enhance their relationships and optimize the logistics chain for the benefit of our customers:

  • Greater quality, responsiveness and efficiency in production
  • Reduced transport costs and delivery times
  • Long-term relationships based on mutual trust 


An integrated Research and Development department, a Quality Safety Environment policy, an available and responsive customer service, certified partnerships – all parts of our core values provide the best to our customers. 


Wherever you are, we are committed to respecting environmental, ethical and technical principles, and to maintaining the highest standards.