Logistic studies

logistic optimization

Thanks to our experience in more than 50 international projects, an early intervention from TMS enables to make significant savings in the global management of your project.


To do so, we assist you for:

  • Cycle time calculation and optimization
  • Interfaces check with the TBM and the unloading system
  • Logistical flow analysis: MSV circulation, cross passages management etc.
  • Logistical risks study: optimization of maintenance plans, identification of safety issues 
  • Global cost calculation: optimization of the logistical cost



  • Step 1: Technical data collection with the customer: tunnel configuration, length, gradients, boring methods and constraints according to TMS method
  • Step 2: Analysis and diagnosis – presentation of several logistics solutions 
  • Step 3: Choice and optimization of the solution with the customer according to their budget and deadline. 
  • Step 4: Follow-up and adaptation to the evolution of customer constraints 


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