Smart solutions for all kinds of jobsites


No matter how complex the job gets and in which environment you have to deal with:

Underground jobsites

  • Tunnelling, mining: digging, refurbishment, maintenance, safety… 

Civil engineering constructions

  •  Bridges, dykes, viaducts, marine infrastructures: jobsite setup, construction, refurbishment, safety… 


For multi-environments:

  • Hazardous environments (ATEX, MSHA)
  • Sensitive environments (transportation of dangerous material)
  • Extreme environments (possible adaptation for use from -30° up to +50°)
  • Various environments (one vehicle for all types of field : rugged surface slopes, tilts, concrete, steel on the same jobsite) 


In the whole world:

  • Adaptation of the engines according to local standards
  • Qualified English speaking technicians 
  • Technical documentation available in local language 
  • Spare and wear parts with worldwide availability  

We deliver full logistics solutions, from the flow study to the supply of multi-service vehicles for material and personnel transportation, for the following uses:

  • Transport of segments, precast elements, concrete sprayers, cranes
  • Transport of personnel  
  • Transport of refuge chambers
  • Transport of conveyor belts, ventilation units, B components etc.
  • Transport and removal of waste from excavation and rubble removal
  • Towing of other vehicles