Our experience is your advantage

Following its peace of mind commitment for the customer, TMS quotations inherently include the following types of services:



  • TMS provides the reception on the site, the commissioning of the MSV, the settings on the jobsite and the training of the drivers.  
  • The documentation is provided in English and upon customer request in the language of his choice. 
  • International field service:  TMS has a team of 10 people dedicated to after sales service with English speaking technical experts available anywhere in the world within 48 hours. It anticipates customer needs for a very responsive customer service.

Services upon customer request: 

  • TMS technician presence on the jobsite for preventive maintenance/hotline is available on demand.

Refurbishment / Remanufacturing: 

  • Refurbishment and remanufacturing can be conducted on the jobsite or at TMS premises according to the customer needs.